Netsite , is among the leading firms in the sector which provides integrated solutions through the needs of the customers in LAN,WAN, Wireless networks, having successful studies at finance, hotel, hospital, education institutions, public production facilities, located in İstanbul and Ankara and rendering services at ISO 9001:2008 standard with  its own team in implementation.

WAN, Wide Area Network
Netsite makes implementations with the solutions of Turkish Telecom Lines ,institutions giving  ISP service and with laser optic connections where necessary according to the requirements of the customers with high performance- reliable network design and implementations of its data center and branches.

In our solutions, WAN optimization, LL, Fiber, VPN, Routing Protocols, Network Backup ( 3G, Gshdsl,Adsl), Monitoring and Management of the Network, help desk, maintenance and support services are given.

LAN, Local Area Network;
Netsite, presents its scalable, flexible, customer focused switching solutions with the designs directed to requirements of the customers. It provides performance assessment studies, design, installation, management, maintenance and support services in order to provide, monitor access security in local networks and increase productivity.

Wireless, Wireless Communication Network
Today it is seen the wireless communication networks extends and used widely in various fields.

Wireless communication is not an alternative but complementary of communication. Network access of mobile employees is provided with wireless communication in fields where communication with cable is not possible in extension of cable networks of company and institutions, constitution of provisional working groups.

Netsite, extended the fields of use of wireless communication in production facilities.  It implements the wireless communication designs with success in the projects developed by the firms which bought automation systems with its successful design, measurement and implementations in RFID projects.

Solutions return back t the customer positively with cost advantage and communication efficiency.

Netsite states it is open to various wireless IP, Ethernet applications in all areas where wireless communication is possible.

In the areas where inter-buildings or cable infrastructure is not possible at the sites, connections with bridge, IP camera usages, wireless use at the locations where free movement of the company employees must be provided, hotels, hospitals, fair areas, university campus areas, public areas is a structure for quick access to sources.

It is used widely in terrestrial connections of the devices able to see each other up to 11, 54, 108, 300, 450 Mbps speed with radio frequency and up to 10bps by use of laser.

Netsite,has a powerful staff and experience together with the certificates received in true analysis of coverage area of wireless environment and accurately location of the devices.