Iso 27001 certification is Completed

NETSITE has been Motorola Mobile Computing Authorized Partner on 23 May 2013 .
23 May 2013

At the beginning of December 2013 ISO 27001 INFORMATION SECURITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM Certification program has been completed.

Nowadays, not only with employees , customers, business partners and shareholders in institutions with defined , the confidentiality , integrity and availability of the confidence on the creation of a strategic importance. To ensure information security , along with technological solutions with the establishment of a robust safety management system is possible . In order to create an effective information security management system is StandardTime crafted . Turkish Standards Institute experienced and trained team of experts with ISO IEC 27001 Certification System has started to work .

WHY ISO IEC 27001 ?

Central security system in the true sense of security to be fitted for companies , ISO IEC 27001 standard specified in the information security management system by establishing the true risks can detect and eliminate these risks needed to technology , policies and procedures circuit can receive .

In this way, the security management system created and only technology but also of all company employees with the implemented business continuity processes can be achieved in a healthy way